Functional Movement ScreeningSanta Cruz County is full of active people. We’re commonly referred to as “Surf City”, and ranked as one of the healthiest places in the nation to live. Whether you participate in sports and fitness at a competitive level, or you’re a weekend warrior making the most of your time, the last thing an athlete wants is to be slowed down by injury. While we would all like to think of ourselves as perfect biological specimens, the truth is, our bodies naturally (and due to injury and age) contain weaknesses – functional limitations and asymmetries that affect the way we move.

Functional Movement Systems is an exercise philosophy that strives to overcome these bio mechanic deficiencies through a closer examination of functional, whole-body movement. Using a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns key to normal functions, FMS experts will target problems that can cause injury and pain, then create a trackable regimen to address these deficiencies and improve your fitness outlook.

Most athletes are specialists in movement compensation, which can be ticking time bombs for injury. They are in tune with their bodies and perform complex, coordinated movements for their activities. This is an attribute to their movement prowess but may disguise a functional deficiency that can lead to injury. Participating in a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) can help identify movement dysfunction and aid in injury prevention.Functional Movement Screening

The Functional Movement Screen is just that, a screen for movement dysfunctions and asymmetries. It was developed in 1997 by Lee Burton and Physical Therapist Grey Cook to identify movement dysfunctions and help create a clear path to address these dysfunctions. The FMS screen is now widely used in NFL training camps and collegiate programs across the nation.

Here at SOL Santa Cruz, the Functional Movement Screen is used by our staff on anyone trying to reach their optimal performance level in their sport or activity. It allows our practitioners to quickly and effectively identify movement dysfunctions and asymmetries in that athlete. Once the dysfunction(s) are identified, specific corrective exercises can be prescribed immediately to help reduce the risk of injury.

Preventative health is the best way to avoid injury and one doesn’t have to be injured to receive the Functional Movement Screen. Having the knowledge of how your body compensates during specific functional movement patterns is an invaluable tool to help prevent future injury. Whether you’re a professional thinking about joining the local CrossFit gym, or a high school athlete training for the upcoming season, the FMS is a great way to get you started on a healthy path to success.

To learn your Functional Movement Screen Score (FMSS) and how you can use this score to build strength and restore proper movement, contact SOL Santa Cruz online or at (831) 425-3588.