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TRX Suspension Training TRX Suspension Training

A good fitness regimen should always include an element of resistance training, preferably one that provides for a total body workout. Developed by Navy SEALS, the TRX suspension training system offers a diverse set of resistance-based exercise movements that offers something for the entire body.

TRX suspension training is an approach to fitness that utilizes a system of ropes and webbing, called a “suspension trainer,” that allows users to work against their own body weights. These exercises are done with the goal of developing strength, balance, flexibility and joint stability – all simultaneously to develop core strength and injury prevention. Weighing less than two pounds, the TRX delivers greater performance and functionality than larger exercise machines.

To learn about suspension training and how the TRX system can be utilized for both training and prevention, contact the staff at SOL Santa Cruz online or at (831) 425-3588.