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Charli is the therapy dog at SOL Santa Cruz.Charli is a ½ Poodle ½ Bijan Fris therapy dog. She wasn’t always of service as she came to us from the Milo Foundation when she was 3 years old. She didn’t know her name or any commands and ran away every opportunity she got. Charli was afraid of people and had severe anxiety. She started coming to the office every day. For many months she was on a lead in the back office on her bed. Soon she started to love her interactions with the staff and patients in the office. She no longer wanted to be in the back on her leash but in the treatment room. Charli has assisted many a patient who is in pain to feel less fearful…..she understands. These days she will greet you in the front office and lay under the head rest during your treatment so you can pet her as much as possible. Thanks to a loving family and friends Charli now loves people and loves to be touched. She is wonderful with young and old alike and brings joy to our clinic when she is around.