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graston-techniqueGraston Technique

When the soft tissues in your body experience trauma – a pulled muscle, for instance, or a strained ligament – scar tissue and other fascial restrictions form near the spot of the injury. Such restrictions can affect movement, and as your body compensates for the stiffness, becomes susceptible to the onset of pain and further injuries.
Using the Graston Technique, the physical therapists at SOL Santa Cruz can detect and effectively treat such soft-tissue dysfunctions, whether chronic, acute or post-surgical. Using curved, hand-held, stainless steel instruments – tools often compared to tuning forks – our practitioners firmly massage your troubled spots, working to break down the scar tissue and create an environment that stimulates healing.

The benefits of the Graston Technique are many: it decreases the overall time of treatment; it fosters quicker rehabilitation and recovery; it reduces the need for anti-inflammatory medication; and it resolves many chronic conditions once thought to be permanent.

Please note, Graston Technique is not considered standard physical therapy and will not be billed to your insurance. It is considered an additional service and will require an additional fee per treatment beyond your insurance copay or coinsurance.

To learn more about the Graston Technique and how it can treat your soft-tissue dysfunctions, contact SOL Santa Cruz online or at (831) 425-3588.